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Las Vegas, Nevada
Theater & System Design:
Evolution Audio & Video
5341 Derry Avenue, Suite S
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Glenn Campbell
Texas-Sized Digital Theater
By Jerry Del Colliano

The relationship between computer program consultant Olivier Thierry and Evolution Audio Video started when Thierry found Evolution to be a fantastic source for buying laser discs years ago. “Over time,” says Jay Frank, a partner at Evolution Audio Video, “we sold Olivier his laser discs and ultimately DVDs along with the occasional component.” When it came to design a once-in-a-lifetime, dedicated theater, Evolution got the call.

The problem with landing such a large project was distance, in that the project was in Houston and Evolution Audio Video is based in Southern California, on the other side of the hill from Malibu. This made organization and system design in the early stages of the theater’s development an absolute necessity. During the installation, there was no “driving back to the store” to pick up an extra cable or connector when an entire crew has flown three hours to the project location.

The concept of incredible attention to detail when it comes to system design is a good lesson for anyone buying a complete AV system. Top installers often ask their clients to make a wish list of all of the needed features and parameters of their pending systems. This is when you get to tell the installer about your dream theater and they have to make it reality (and keep it on budget – or at least close). The design specs for this theater started with the desire for the room to be multi-purpose between high-performance audio playback in surround, as well as the room being a full-on home theater with video that would blow anyone’s mind at first sight.

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