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Philadelphia, PA
Theater & System Design:
Mark Platt & Peter Hischmann
1100 Easton Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Phone: 215.659.8815
Fax: 215.657.1940
Glenn Campbell
Suburban Philadelphia Home Theater
By Jerry Del Colliano

Try talking to people in California about converting a basement into useable space in a home and they will look at you like you are speaking a foreign language. In other parts of the country, basements are a typical element of homes, used for everything from storage to band practice to tornado protection. The client for this suburban Philadelphia system was looking to transform his early-1900s home’s basement into a world-class home theater to screen movies for his friends and family.

Upon walking into Soundex’s vast 22-room audio/video showroom, the client was introduced to system designer Mark Platt and the two started the process of learning about the finer elements of a home theater. At the time, Platt had no idea of the scope of the work that would need to be completed for the project, yet the two went from room to room exploring audio and video options, including different electronics, speakers and especially video display devices. The client began by asking for Bose speakers and ended up listening to B&W, MartinLogan and Wilson Audio speakers. The two looked at every plasma, DLP, D-ILA and CRT projector on display at Soundex. To say the experience was overwhelming is to underestimate how the client felt. Nevertheless, he was excited at the possibilities for his home theater project. Loaded with information and AV demos, he headed home with a date scheduled for Platt and Soundex’s project manager to survey the basement.

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