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San Diego, California
Theater & System Design:
Genesis Audio & Video
Irvine, California
A.G. Photography
Saturday Night Theater

On a cross-country flight several years ago, the owner of this month’s featured system had picked up a few magazines from the newsstand, one of which was a publication that featured beautiful home theater installations. His eye was caught by an article that included a system installed by Genesis Audio & Video in Irvine, California. Several years later, when it came time to renovate a new home that he had purchased in North San Diego, the client remembered the home theater that he had discovered perusing the magazine on his flight, and sought out Genesis to assist him with the audio and video system in his home. Even before the client entered Genesis Audio & Video’s showroom, he had already fallen in love with Revel Speakers, as well as Mark Levinson and Proceed electronics, so needless to say, many of these components found their way into his system. Under the guidance of Genesis, the plans were laid out for what would be considered by anyone to be a dream system.

With the goal of creating the “ultimate bachelor pad,” the client was not just looking for a basic home theater with this project. Featuring audio zones in a built-in disco room and a poker room, and audio/video zones in a game room/parlor, a pool area with a swim-up bar, back-to-back Runco theaters in the master bedroom and a dedicated theater room, the home is a haven for audio/video junkies.

Starting in the master bedroom, Genesis home theater designer Kevin Dry and the Genesis design team worked with existing cabinetry, customizing it to accommodate a 100-inch Stewart film screen that was mounted in front of artwork and media storage shelves. Above the screen three horizontally- mounted Revel Voice left, center and right speakers were built into the wall and had white fabric placed over them to blend in with the walls and ceiling above the projector screen. For the surrounds in the room, Triad IW Silver in-walls were utilized to create the feeling of a bedroom, rather than a theater that has a bed in the middle of it. To prevent the Revel B15 subwoofer from becoming an eyesore, it was placed in a cabinet on the left bottom corner of the screen, with a black covering over the opening in front. This not only hides the subwoofer, but also provides an additional sitting area for the bedroom. To power the audio in the master bedroom theater system, a Proceed AVP handled preamplification and a proceed HPA-5 five channel amplifier was installed to power the sound in the room.

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