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Jackson, Tennessee
Theater Design by
New Wave Home Systems
Jackson, Tennessee
Timothy Irby

Slumber Party Turns Into a “Wild” Home Theater

Children have a way of educating us and getting what they want at the same time. This was the case with the daughter of one of New Wave Home Systems’ (based in Jackson, Tennessee) newest clients. She had spent the night with a friend whose family had just installed a dedicated home theater room in their home by New Wave Home Systems. The next day the client’s daughter came home raving about how cool it was and how her family needed something like that. Later that week, New Wave Home Systems received a call from the client telling them about his daughter’s movie night at her friend’s house. He wanted to know what New Wave Home Systems had done at that client’s house and what could be done to the room that he is remodeling. New Wave's Scott Johnson set up a meeting in their showroom and walked him through all the different types of rooms that they have to offer. Being new to home theater, the client did not have an exact budget in mind for the room and didn’t know what theme or look he wanted in the room. When Johnson met the client at his house for a site inspection, he immediately realized how different this job was about to become.

Driving up to the house, there is a tall black wooden fence that stretches all around the property, which seems to go on forever. “Was that a zebra I just saw?” Johnson thought to himself. “And is that a buffalo and an ostrich, and some type of African deer with very long horns?” The closer Johnson got to the house, the more exotic the animals on this “farm” seemed to get. Then, rising above everything else, Johnson saw the most surprising thing he had seen in quite some time: a giraffe’s head poking over the fence! A giraffe in Tennessee? Pulling into the home’s driveway, Johnson thought to himself, “This isn’t going to be your ordinary theater.” The client, it turns out, is not a zookeeper, a professional boxer or a Vegas magician, as one might guess. Instead, he is a general surgeon who has an exotic animal farm as a hobby.

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