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Glenn Campbell
Levinson's Latest New York Hit
By Bryan Dailey

Although audio/video gear is becoming more and more high-tech-looking, not everyone wants to put their plasma TV, flashy AV preamp or big floor-standing speakers on display for everyone to see. This month’s feature, designed and installed by Mark Levinson’s Red Rose music in Manhattan, is an example of high-tech home theater gear hidden seamlessly away in a penthouse with a style that harkens back to the days of the original RCA turntable more than a MP3 player, yet doesn’t lack any of the technological sophistication of the best, most modern home theater systems.

Walking into the living room of this theater you’d never realize the amount of technology that surrounds you. The rich dark tone of the intricate ceiling and cabinetry gives the feeling of being in a vintage home from the 1920’s. The only clues that you are standing in a modern home theater are a Crestron touch screen remote panel sitting on an end table in the corner of the room, a pair of small bookshelf speakers in the bookcase and a felt panel that looks like a sound diffuser that is blue to match the room. At the far end of the room, heavy drapes cover what appears to be a large window, yet as the curtains open, an eight-foot-wide Stewart Filmscreen appears. Up in the back edge of the room, a Sharp DLP projector is stealthily tucked into the cabinet above the entryway to the room. A tiny hole has been cut into the cabinet to allow the projector to function even when the door is closed.

What initially seems like a quaint conversation area around a beautifully painted coffee table becomes the front seats of this ultra-modern home theater system when the lights dim and the curtains open. The lack of windows and the already dark tones in the room made it easy for Red Rose to get the room appropriately dark to maximize the performance of the projector. This is an important lesson in room design, as countless installers have driven themselves crazy trying to get rooms dark enough. Ultra-thick blackout drapes and window shades are necessities in rooms with ambient light from windows. You can even go further by making sure light does not leak under the door or around the sides by putting weather stripping and around it. This will also better help isolate the room sonically from outside noises.

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