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Glenn Campbell
Home Theater Hidden on Park Avenue
By Bryan Dailey

Red Rose Music is the latest brainchild of the audio cult of personality Mark Levinson. Red Rose, like Cello (Levinson’s last big project), manufactures unique high-performance components, as well as installing them. Red Rose takes the Cello retail concept to an entirely different level, raising the high art form of stereo reproduction to entire home solutions. The Red Rose design philosophy for a complete system is holistic and lifestyle-oriented. For their well-heeled client base, Red Rose systems can be a needed musical and theatrical refuge from a fast-paced world just outside the window.

Red Rose chief designer Hans Linderoth and his team worked hand in hand with this client’s contractors beginning in May of 2000 in a six-month-long total remodeling of this stunning Park Avenue apartment. Integrating the entire home theater and audio system into the architecture of the grand home was the first and main priority. The client was adamant about having no bulky speakers on the floor. No ugly big-screen television sets or awkwardly exposed video projectors were to be used in the system.

The home theater features three video displays, ranging from a 100-inch video projector system in the bedroom to a 22-inch LCD TV monitor in the kitchen and a 42-inch plasma in the library. For audio playback, virtually every speaker in the entire apartment is in-wall or otherwise hidden in some way or another. Not a single speaker wire can be seen and barely any of the audio/video gear is exposed. Crestron control panels are installed in all of the different zones of the home to allow powerful access to the multiple systems with one-touch ease of use.

Beginning in the bedroom, a 100-inch Stewart film screen descends from the ceiling at the foot of the bed. Designed into a custom-built ceiling and lighting soffet, the screen sits above a small bookshelf and hides several black and white matte photographs that are suspended from the soffet. Custom Red Rose R3 speakers are built into the soffet, featuring ribbon tweeters that are flush-mounted and have special speaker boxes built into the wall to prevent the typical “boxy” sound often associated with wall-mounted speakers. Surprisingly absent are a center channel and rear/surround speakers. One could argue that a home theater system must feature a surround sound system, but this is one of the rare occasions when the client and designers felt this was not necessary.

With no speakers in the back of the room, the only hint that there is a high-performance home theater in the room is a tiny, square hole in the top edge of the soffet. Behind the projection hole lies a Sony VPLVPX21 LCD projector. Blackout shades along the side windows block out ambient sunlight during the day to create the level of darkness required for the projector’s image to properly register with the viewer.

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