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Los Angeles, California
Theater & System Design:
Simply Home Entertainment
Christopher Hansen, Tim Duffy
499 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Audio Tuning by:
Bob Hodas Acoustic Analysis
P.O. Box 9485
Berkeley, CA 94709
Video Setup by:
William Phelps
Glenn Campbell
Everybody Loves Phil's Theater
By Jerry Del Colliano

Some people are early adopters of HDTV. However, TV producer Phil Rosenthal takes it to an entirely new level. As the creative force behind the scenes of the hit CBS TV show “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Rosenthal not only has a pretty serious HDTV system in his personal theater room, he actually creates HDTV content for us all to watch.

Since long before he became the mastermind behind a successful primetime sitcom, Rosenthal has been hosting what he affectionately calls “Sunday Movie Night” for his friends at his home. In the early days, his audio was piped through his first pair of stereo speakers via the mono output of a beloved VCR. Rosenthal made it a tradition to play the greatest films of all time, including musicals and classic black-and-white films, as well as the latest blockbusters. With the Sunday Night Movie tradition foremost in his mind, his primary goal in shopping for a beautiful new house in Los Angeles was finding a room suitable for use as a fantastic home theater.

Rosenthal sought the design skills of one of Beverly Hills most sought-after system design teams in Christopher Hansen and Tim Duffy of Simply Home Entertainment. The requirements of the theater revolve around both physical comfort and AV performance. The room, tasteful and modest by Hollywood standards, filled with several sofas and chairs, takes “cushy” to another level. Huge pillows await guests who want to spread out on the floor. The hardwood floor in the room is sonically buffered by a very large and beautiful rug, which covers several layers of thick padding. The walls are acoustically dampened with porous fabric that allows sound to pass though the surface and absorbed by the treatments beneath. Additional audio fine-tuning comes via audio expert Bob Hodas, who uses Meyer Sound EQs and a $35,000 SIM System II software and hardware measurement system. These tools allow audio guru Hodas to find the strengths and weaknesses of the physical room, as well as the actual system, enabling him to make improvements in the placement of speakers, adjust the settings and levels of subwoofers, and much more. Less is done with the EQ than one might expect, with most of the EQ work being done in the lower frequencies. Hodas believes that these low-frequency improvements often set the base for a more open midrange and smoother high frequencies.

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