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Costal Southern California
Theater Design by Sound Solutions
Los Angeles, California
Glenn Campbell

270 Degrees of Ocean View With 360 Degrees of Home Theater
By Bryan Dailey

When it comes to California real estate, nothing speaks to buyers’ hearts and souls like an ocean view at sunset overlooking waves crashing on the rocky shoreline. Having a stunning ocean view home usually means lots of big floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. This makes for dramatic views from the home. However, it also means lots of ambient light and, unfortunately, light is a home theater’s worst enemy. When this specific homeowner came to high-end AV engineering firm, Sound Solutions in Los Angeles to convert their large den/study into an ocean view media center, the design and implementation challenges they were presented were numerous.

The room is warm and inviting when you walk into this 28x26-foot den. Besides the view out the window, a round central conversation area is the focal point of the room. The cabinets, window frames and doors are crafted from rich, luxurious woods, the walls have original artwork and the fireplace is right out of an 1850s Shropshire manor. At first glance, this room is completely devoid of any sign of AV equipment. That is, until the homeowner proudly picks up his Creston touch screen remote control and pushes a button. As many times as I’ve seen it, it’s always a treat to walk into a room that has fantastically automated drapes, lights and a retractable screen. Going a step further than most installations of this type, out of a circular wooden panel in the middle of the ceiling, an eight-inch CRT projector descends via a motorized lift system. As the red, green and blue guns light up on the front of the projector, the system comes to life.

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