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Mi Casa Multimedia
Hollywood, California
Robert Wolsch
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Glenn Campbell
Mi Casa Multimedia

As most DVDs are enjoyed by viewers in the comfort of their own living rooms, why not mix the audio for them in a living room? That is exactly the premise behind the studios at Mi Casa Multimedia, the brainchild of legendary music producer Robert Margouleff and musician/engineer extraordinaire Brant Biles. For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, Mi Casa translates as “my house” and, in this case, the name truly fits since Margouleff literally works and lives in this beautiful 1920s-era Mediterranean home in the Hollywood Hills. Margouleff and Biles searched for years before finally discovering this gem that met all of their needs.

From their humble beginnings in Margouleff’s apartment to their current location in the former home of actor Bela Lugosi, the single focus of Mi Casa is to put out the absolute best audio mixes for commercial DVD releases. From the title menus to deleted scenes to added foley and audio restoration, Mi Casa handles every aspect of the sound on DVD releases they work on. You may never mix the audio for a DVD release in your home, but there are lessons to be learned inside the walls of Mi Casa that can help you if you want to get the most from the sound in your own home theater system.

Surround sound may be the “future” of music, but in the motion picture and DVD world, surround sound is a fact of life. Margouleff and Biles have produced and engineered countless 5.1 surround sound mixes beginning with a major collaberation with DTS. Margouleff and Biles recognized early that there would be a huge demand for a high-end mixing/mastering house for the audio on DVD releases. They have taken their passion for surround sound and high-resolution audio and transformed it into one of the premier audio post houses in the world.

From the street, you’d never know that inside Mi Casa lies a fully functional DVD mixing/mastering facility with three complete mixing suites. Some of the finest-sounding DVDs have been mixed at Mi Casa, most notably "Se7en," and the first two “Lord of the Rings” movies to name a few. When we toured the studios, the Mi Casa crew was hard at work on the audio tracks for the upcoming ultra-mega-deluxe re-releases of several classic James Bond films, including “Live and Let Die,” complete with killer surround mixes.

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