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Medford, New Jersey
Theater & System Design:
Avalon Audio Video
Medford, NJ
(609) 654-7752
Room Design by:
Interior Designer: Wendi Jay Designs, Moorestown, NJ
Builder: Danley Builders, Moorestown, NJ
Computer Network: James Kohler, Webergize, Philadelphia, PA
Glenn Campbell
Healthy Home Theater

When Bob Trollinger, the owner of Avalon Audio Video, a high-end custom design and installation specialist in New Jersey, was brought into this AV system project, it is was already fairly late in the game. The scope of the project was to renovate and finish a full basement, as well as add a large addition to the main house. The client wanted a Home Theater as a center point of the basement for entertaining. In addition, the adjacent bar, billiards area, game area, workout room, breakfast nook (overlooking the gym) and outdoor patio completed the main areas. This was complemented by separate his and hers bathrooms and a gorgeous shower in the client’s wife’s bathroom, as well as a large storage area and housing for the residence’s computer networking hub.

At the time Avalon got involved, the major framing of the project was already done, and the concrete risers (actually dug out) were poured. With only these criteria already set, Trollinger was able to have a free hand in the designing and implementing they system. Trollinger worked in conjunction with the interior designer, Wendi Jay of Wendi Jay Designs and the builder, Danley Builders of Moorestown, NJ, to meet the client’s needs.

The size of the room for the theater was already determined, so Bob did two rows of four seats each. Cinematech Capri-style chairs with motors were selected because of comfort, style and “wow” factor. A love seat and two single seats populate the front row, so that the family’s two children would have their own seats while the husband and wife could sit together without a chair arm in their way. Designer Wendi Jay added a beautiful pair of bench-like banquettes in the back, allowing for a third row and even more seating. Trollinger worked with Jay to make those pieces heavily tufted and padded in the seat and back for acoustic absorption of any slap echoes that may pass through the two rows of seats. A densely piled carpet and pad were used to add even more sonic absorption. Yet more absorption was provided via tufted wall panels hung at the first reflection points. These look appealing and perform surprisingly well.

The design of the theater was fully open on the sides and back to accomplish the client’s goal of having the whole basement open, comfortable and inviting. This allows the client to play pool behind the theater and look through the beautiful archways Jay had designed to see the screen, whether it be a daily fix of CNN or an Eagles playoff game. The design goal for the room was to keep the space useful and comfortable for everyday entertainment, not just movies.

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