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Southern California
Theater Design by Evolution Audio Video
Interior Design by Judson R. Davis
Glenn Campbell

Gothic Fantasy Theater
By Jerry Del Colliano

“The more fun the client is – the better the project turns out,” says designer Judson R. Davis of Judson Design & Development Inc. “And these clients are FUN!” Working on his sixth home with this client, Judson is truly acclimated to taste and design requirements as they work over their latest Southern California estate. Judson suggested that this time out, they would create be a gothic theater – and the client just loved the idea.

As the first room of this sizable home to be completed, the client’s demand for high technology is strong. Evolution Audio Video, based in Agoura Hills, California, was called in to design the majority of the technology portion of the dedicated theater, including all of the audio/video equipment and the entire automation system. Lighting and drape control was designed and implemented by Judson and his team with control via the client’s Crestron color touch-screen remote control system.

At the construction level, this large converted bedroom, located over the garage, features one level of risers and a small concession area, perfect for the client to score some sweets or to make up some fresh popcorn. The seating on the ground level of the theater are big Laz-Z-Boy chairs covered in a supple, dark saddle-colored leather. The chairs feature remote controlled, motorized reclining action. As the seats lean back, you can literally feel a release of the pressure in your back and reduction in your overall stress level. On the higher level of the theater, Judson designed a custom sofa that features a “U” shape and nearly abuts the back wall. The most notable aspect of this chenille-covered seat is its depth. Not only are the down-filled pillows ultra-mega-cushy, the depth of the sofa promotes unparalleled comfort, even for films that top three hours in length.

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