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Palo Alto, CA
Installation by:
Crawford Systems Integration Inc.
Campbell, CA
Glenn Campbell
Home Theater Gamesmanship
By Jeff Crawford

When one client from nearby Palo Alto came to Crawford Systems Integration, his primary objective was to have a theater with the best picture possible. This is a tall request and, although the term “best picture” is a grandiose concept, the guys at CSI welcomed the challenge put forth by the client. Spearheading this install was system designer Keith Yates who has years of experience designing some of the world’s most state-of-the-art home theater systems. To go along with the killer picture, the client wanted the best sound and aesthetics possible, all with a modern look and tiered theater seating so a large group could enjoy the theater in comfort and style.

The client loves to have a good time and this is obvious as you enter the game room in the basement of his beautiful Bay Area home. A bar was installed so the homeowner could do his best impression of Tom Cruise from the movie “Cocktail”; a pinball machine adds to the slightly sports bar theme. A foosball table for heated wrist busting battles dominates the corner of the room and a vintage-looking CD jukebox on the other side provides music. Just to the side of the jukebox are a pair of beautiful wooden French doors that open to reveal an absolutely stunning, dark red and wood-colored home theater. The contrast is dramatic between the look of old-school jukebox and the modern theater that lurks behind the doors in this room, but there are just enough vintage touches in the theater to tie the two rooms together.

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