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Glenn Campbell
Irish Pub Home Theater
By Bryan Dailey

What’s better for a red-blooded, all-American East Coast sports fan than a good ol’ Irish pub filled with TVs, a friendly atmosphere and a wall stocked full of Irish whiskey? How about a 100-inch home theater screen with cozy seats for the whole gang, smack dab in the middle of the bar. Take a step into the ultimate basement home theater sports bar, featuring four TVs, a DLP projection system and a 42-inch plasma.

The project was already being framed when the customer hired Bob Trollinger, a high-end custom design and installation specialist who owns Avalon Audio Video in Medford, New Jersey. Although the basement project was appealing to Trollinger, there were some physical constraints. The ceiling height was a bit low and the room was bit small, especially the length. There was actually plenty of room for the theater, but the client wanted a bar area complete with fridge, icemaker, cabinets etc., in the back of the room. Avalon could not expand the design any further because the room backed up against the stairs coming down from the first floor.

Colin Cramer, a local craftsman, did the framing and woodwork for the theater. The homeowner designed and styled the room himself, without an interior designer, as his background was heavily engineering-oriented. The entryway to the theater was dubbed the "Irish Castle," so earth tones were chosen as the color scheme for the entire theater. Light greens cover the walls and deep evergreen was chosen for the luxurious Cinematech seats that were crafted in Germany. The front row of seating consists of the high-end ACT1 seats with motors, while the second row of seats contains the more modest manual ACTII chairs. Although this theater is a place for the boys to get together and watch the big game, there is a feminine touch to the room. The greens were offset by beautiful beige carpets and curtains chosen by the customer's spouse. The room was trimmed with crown molding, kick panels and custom paneling around the screen to complete the authentic Irish pub look.

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