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Eat, Sleep and Live Movies
By Bryan Dailey
July 2005

Do you eat, sleep and live movies? These clients of Audio Arts, a top home theater installation company based in Saratoga, California, love movies so much that they not only had an amazing home theater installed in their beautiful Victorian home, they also installed an antique day bed from Thailand off a small alcove on the side of the theater. A mix of vintage 1920’s Hollywood was fused with Asian accents to tie the bed in with the theater in this unique space. Eight plush red chairs made by Irwin are set in two rows of four, which make up the main seating area, but for those times the homeowners or their guests really want to kick back and relax while catching a DVD, this day bed area is a truly unique feature.

Much like Bruce Wayne of Batman fame’s secret study with hidden doors, this theater has some tricks of its own. Rather than build a small closet or storage cabinets to house the equipment rack, Audio Arts built out the front wall of the theater, so it would have a hollow space behind it, and then put a hidden door on it. With the projector screen down and the curtains closed, one would never realize that not only are the left, right and center channel speakers built into this wall, but this tall hidden door is concealing almost all of the gear for the system. With the projector screen up, the homeowners or the techs at Audio Arts can open the hidden door and spin the swiveling equipment rack around to have easy access to all of the well-laid-out gear. Four small vents at the top and bottom sides of the wall allow a very quiet fan to circulate air in and out of this room to keep the equipment cool and performing at its best. To ensure optimal performance from the three Tannoy System 1000 series studio monitors, a Draper Access Series V 133-inch Acoustically Transparent screen was installed. A monstrous Velodyne HGS-18 servo-driven 18-inch subwoofer was also flush-mounted in the wall and really gets things rocking, yet is acoustically isolated, so there is not a creak or rattle that comes from the faux wall or raised platform floor. The screen and curtains are motorized, making it extremely easy to gain access to the gear and speakers, as well as providing a dramatic effect when firing up the projector to watch a movie.

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