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"ZegnaSport iJACKET & Bluetooth iJACKET"

iJACKET - $750
Design and function is what the “Zegna iJACKET” is all about, where sporting style meets technology.

Innovation is the key element of this new product in which Ermenegildo Zegna brings a new level of sophistication to iPod users everywhere. By combining superior materials and technology, Zegna has created an innovative and elegant way to control music on your iPod from the sleeve of the Zegna iJACKET.

The jacket’s construction is technological. Made of a micro-nylon technical fabric brushed to give it a soft hand, with fully taped-seams for total impermeability and a wealth of concealed sophisticated details under its beautifully simply exterior. The hood folds away into the collar and is also detachable. The inside collar is made of a breathable mesh and the invisible laser cut pockets with waterproof zips and underarm vents are as technically effective as they are discreet, like everything about the “Zegna iJACKET”.

There are two versions: one 3/4 length, the other a bomber, both with the “iPod” connection in the inner breast pocket and control panel on the outer sleeve. Zegna's iJACKET is compatible with all iPods that have a 30-pin docking connector, including iPod with video and iPod nano.

The result is a luxury over garment delivering exceptional performance, as required by Zegna Sport’s exacting quality and aesthetic standards, and the first to incorporate technology providing remote control of an “iPod” in a luxury sportswear context.

An inside pocket accommodates and protects the “iPod” which is connected via a natural conductor tape to a clear and easy-to-use panel near the left cuff used to control the “iPod”. The system enables the wearer to control the iPod volume, play/pause or turn off the iPod and skip back and forward between tracks without having to open the jacket or the inside pocket. The jacket can be washed like any normal jacket, without any extra care.

Phenomenal “iPod”
“Zegna iJACKET” follows the tradition of Zegna’s long history of innovation and technology starting in 1910. Zegna Sport is the first luxury brand to develop a jacket with this remote control technology specifically designed for “iPod” users. There are already over 50 million “iPod” users worldwide who’s lives have changed since the launch of the “iPod” in 2001.

Anna Zegna, Creative Director of the Group, states: “The “Zegna iJACKET's” technology is superior, providing iPod users with excellent sound performance and function. We have created a luxury sport jacket that integrates a seamless function of wearing outwear and enjoying the highest technical abilities of music and innovation”.

Bluetooth iJACKET - Coming Winter 2007
This Winter, Zegna Sport continues to offer cutting edge innovation, through the development of the Bluetooth iJACKET, a technological advancement of the acclaimed iJACKET. Allowing for today’s communication driven consumers to be constantly in touch by phone whilst listening to music on the move, all controlled from the sleeve of the BT iJACKET.

The BT iJACKET pioneers the new trend for ‘communication clothing’ – by enabling the wearer to use the cellular phone and simultaneously listen to music with an iPod, managing both through the sleeve control panel. The Bluetooth interface & integrated microphone on the jacket collar allow for voice dialing and phone conversations to be interchanged with music. As an incoming call is received the music volume drops to notify the wearer and the sleeve control panel switches functionality to phone control mode.

This innovative technology reflects the highly aesthetic platform that Ermenegildo Zegna builds its philosophy upon, made from a laminated cotton fabric with lightweight down padding and leather detailing. The BTiJACKET also features a cellular phone pocket and a transparent iPod pocket, a detachable fur collar, microphone and headphone loop, ensuring every detail has function as well as appeal. Innovation is the key element of this new product, in which Ermenegildo Zegna brings a new level of sophistication to iPod and mobile phone users everywhere.

For the original iJACKET Zegna Sport has developed a leather version, in luxurious soft brown or black Nappa in a washed vintage look, with the iPod control panel laser embossed on the sleeve.

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