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Fine Writing Instruments

by: Dr. Ken Taraszka

If you always closing and looking for a way to add some additional style to the deals you do – Modern Home Theater has our definitive list of the best writing implements for your consideration.

Jack Daniels Pewter Pen - $26.50 - Just can’t get enough of that fine Tennessee liquid gold? Consider one of Jack Daniels’ pens to show your spirit, literally. A pewter pen with the Jack Daniels logo repeated around the barrel of this fine instrument lets everyone know you know your stuff and or have a raging problem with alcohol (see ModernHomeTheater.com’s guide on Fine Spirits).

G2 Sensa Mosaic Gel Ballpoint pen - $50 - A super-comfortable, patented Plasmium gel-filled grip makes for all-day writing comfort. This pen has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has won the Silver Industrial Design Award. The host of design options makes sure Sensa has a pen to suit any taste. Gold finishes are available for a slightly higher price.

A.T. Cross Company Classic Century 18-Carat Gold-Filled/Rolled Gold Ball Point Pen - $100 - A.T. Cross has been making fine writing instruments for over 150 years. This is a true classic designed to last a lifetime, and the pen they are most know for. The elegant slim design and smooth-as-silk rotating extension and withdrawal mechanism are guaranteed for life. The gold-filled/rolled finish is far superior to standard gold plate and much more durable. This is one of the most popular high-end pens, and a frequent gift for lifetime milestones. Cross makes a full line of these pens, ranging in price for a chrome model for only $30 to the signet hallmarked solid 18-carat gold version costing $1,200.

Jean Pierre Lepine Free Ride Ball Pen - $190 - From the hand of Frenchman Jean Pierre Lepine, a man known for his unusual pen designs and recently also exotic watches, comes the Free Ride Ball Pen. A combination of artistic and ergonomic design, this pen calls, nay screams, for attention, yet is practical and comfortable to use. Padded in all the right areas and built to last, this might not be the best pen for carrying around in your pocket, but makes a true statement on any desk it has the pleasure of resting on.

Mont Blanc Starwalker Black Rubber and Platinum No. 08857 - $430 - Mont Blanc is practically synonymous with high-end writing instruments. This retro design offers all you’d expect: smooth rotating mechanism, a precise feel, perfect construction and exceptional writing smoothness. The black rubber outer makes for a great grip, while the diamond-cut lines further enhance the grip while adding a beautiful aesthetic to the pen. Platinum-plated clip and rings further enhance the appeal of this fine writing instrument. The final touch is the floating Mont Blanc star in the transparent cap.

Diablo Rock and Roll de Cartier ballpoint pen ST180085 - $500 - For centuries, Cartier has been making jewelry and high-end pieces for royalty and those who wish to be treated as such. Their Diablo writing instruments are much coveted, and for good reason. Famed for their lightweight and full-frame designs, they are a pleasure to use, day in and day out. Modern Rock and Roll motif designs adorn this classically styled pen, which would make any rock star or musician proud. This is the pen you want to use to ink your next record deal.

William Henry Studio’s Premier Collection Model RB1 - $950 - William Henry is known for his wonderful work with Damascus steel, and he uses this to manufacture some of the most beautiful and expensive knives and pens on the planet. The RB1’s cap and barrel are Mokume, which is Japanese for wood eye metal. This is a process created by the Japanese in the seventeenth century for adorning samurai swords, involving layering and bonding multiple different metals together to give a varied pattern to the metal. Apart from the exotic wood-looking metal of the barrel and cap, the pen also sports an etched Damascus steel pocket clip and center spacer, as well as an actual diamond gemstone in the clip. The small spaces and end cap are titanium, with a rose gold William Henry medallion in the cap. This is a pen anyone would envy and, if the pen isn’t enough for you, perhaps you’d like to buy the matching knife as well to complete the set.

Michael’s Signature Series Vermeil Arcangelo Pen - $1,999 - This is a limited edition of only 88 pieces and has Michael’s exclusive Arcangelo spiral body designed to comfortably fit the hand (at least, for you righties out there) and is machined from a solid 0.925 bar of silver, then plated with 24-carat gold. Each one comes with the designer’s signature on the accompanying booklet and its place in the 88 series laser engraved on the pen. Highly unique and unusual, this pen is for those with a modern taste and lots of spare cash.

Krone Tyrannosaurus Rex Rose Gold Fountain Pen - $15,500 - When most people think of antiques, they think nineteenth, eighteenth, some even seventeenth century, but if you want something really old, consider this pen. The barrel of the pen is laden with bands of Tiger’s Eye marble and 10,000-year-old actual mammoth ivory, the center band of which is hand-carved with a scene of a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing down prey. The band of the cap encases a fragment of an actual tooth of the once-great predator Tyrannosaurus Rex and the rest of the pen is rose gold. With a tooth over 65 million years of age in this pen, it make the word “antique” seem trivial, and the solid connection to the world’s best-known and most-feared predator makes this the ideal pen for your next hostile corporate takeover.

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